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CST - Central Standard Time
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(CST) Central Standard Time

March 27, 2023 Monday, CST
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Coordinated Universal Time

March 27, 2023 Monday, UTC
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(IST) Indian Standard Time

March 27, 2023 Monday, IST
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CST is UTC-6 Hours. Central Standard Time is -6 hour behind of Coordinated Universal Time (UTC). CST timezone is observed in North America, South America. Therefore, to find the current time in this time zone one has to subtract 6 hour to the present time in Coordinate Universal Time.

CST is -11.5 hour behind to Indian Standard Time-IST the local time zone and hence to convert the IST to CET subtract 11.5 hours from Indian Standard Time.

Locations where CST is Observed.

Time zone where UTC-6 is currently observed.