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The current time is

May 19, 2019
Sunday | EDT

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When is the next full moon?

The next full moon, when the phase of the moon is fully illuminated, the phase which is in front of earth. Another phase of the moon is completely in dark. Moon phases illumination changes due to the difference between moon revolution and earth rotation timing. That's why moon rising time changes e'

List of holiday's and observations

  • May 23rd,2019 - Lag BaOmer - Jewish holiday
  • May 27th,2019 - Memorial Day - Federal Holiday
  • June 03rd,2019 - Jefferson Davis' Birthday - State holiday
  • June 09th,2019 - Shavuot - Jewish holiday
  • June 11th,2019 - Kamehameha Day - State holiday
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Moonrise and Moonset

Sunrise and Sunset

Moon phases for a month

Moon Phase Detail
Moon Phase
New Moon
First phase of moon, when it is not visible from earth surface. Ecliptic longitude of the sun and moon are same.
First Quarter Moon
The third phase of moon with 50% illumination. After the new moon and waxing crescent moon phases. Visible during afternoon.
Full Moon
The moon is fully illuminated. The moon and the sun are at opposite side of the earth.
Last Quarter Moon
After a week of full moon. It is illuminated 50% on the day of last quarter moon and rises at midnight with get set in noon.

Current Weather

Clear (Clear Sky)

Detailed weather report at Ashburn, United States

Weather forecast for other city

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Weather Condition

  • Pressure: 1013 hPa
  • Humidity: 65%
  • Wind: 15 km/h (210°)
  • Max Temp: 28°C
  • Min Temp: 23.89°C
  • Sea Level Pressure: hPa
  • Ground Pressure: hPa