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Time in De Kalb, United States

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World clock in De Kalb, United States

April 22, 2019
Monday | CDT

  • CDT - GMT-5
  • Currently observing daylight saving time end at November 03, 2019 07:00
  • The IANA time zone identifier for America/Chicago

Weather Condition

  • Pressure: 1023 hPa
  • Humidity: 44%
  • Wind: 8 km/h (120°)
  • Max Temp: 24.44°C
  • Min Temp: 24°C
  • Sea Level Pressure: hPa
  • Ground Pressure: hPa

Moonrise and Moonset

Sunrise and Sunset

Upcoming Holidays

  • April 22nd,2019 - Confederate Memorial DayState holiday
  • April 22nd,2019 - State HolidayState holiday
  • April 26th,2019 - Arbor DayState holiday
  • April 27th,2019 - Last Day of PassoverJewish holiday
  • April 29th,2019 - Confederate Memorial DayState holiday
  • Holidays at United States >>

What time is in major cities worldwide

Pago Pago, American Samoa05:35

GMT offset-11:00
Current offset-06:00

Honolulu, United States06:35

GMT offset-10:00
Current offset-05:00

Anchorage, United States08:35

GMT offset-08:00
Current offset-03:00

Phoenix, United States09:35

GMT offset-07:00
Current offset-02:00

Los Angeles, United States09:35

GMT offset-07:00
Current offset-02:00

New York City, United States12:35

GMT offset-04:00
Current offset+01:00

Caracas, Venezuela, Bolivarian Republic of12:35

GMT offset-04:00
Current offset+01:00

Sao Paulo, Brazil13:35

GMT offset-03:00
Current offset+02:00

Santiago, Chile13:35

GMT offset-03:00
Current offset+02:00

St. John's, Canada14:05

GMT offset-02:30
Current offset+02:30

Praia, Cabo Verde15:35

GMT offset-01:00
Current offset+04:00

London, United Kingdom17:35

GMT offset+01:00
Current offset+06:00

Lagos, Nigeria17:35

GMT offset+01:00
Current offset+06:00

Cairo, Egypt18:35

GMT offset+02:00
Current offset+07:00

Moscow, Russian Federation19:35

GMT offset+03:00
Current offset+08:00

Kabul, Afghanistan21:05

GMT offset+04:30
Current offset+09:30

Tehran, Iran, Islamic Republic of21:05

GMT offset+04:30
Current offset+09:30

Baku, Azerbaijan21:35

GMT offset+05:00
Current offset+10:00

Karachi, Pakistan21:35

GMT offset+05:00
Current offset+10:00

New Delhi, India22:05

GMT offset+05:30
Current offset+10:30

Kathmandu, Nepal22:20

GMT offset+05:45
Current offset+10:45

Dhaka, Bangladesh22:35

GMT offset+06:00
Current offset+11:00

Jakarta, Indonesia23:35

GMT offset+07:00
Current offset+12:00

Guangzhou, China00:35

GMT offset+08:00
Current offset+13:00

Tokyo, Japan01:35

GMT offset+09:00
Current offset+14:00

Adelaide, Australia02:05

GMT offset+09:30
Current offset+14:30

Sydney, Australia02:35

GMT offset+10:00
Current offset+15:00

Auckland, New Zealand04:35

GMT offset+12:00
Current offset+17:00

Apia, Samoa05:35

GMT offset+13:00
Current offset+18:00