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Today's sun at Gorleston-on-Sea, England, United Kingdom
Sunrise, Sun set and Twilights Time

04:48 am
Sun set
09:09 pm

  • 02:34:17 am
  • July 15, 2020 Wednesday | BST
  • Sun is above the horizon

Live moon position for a day

04:48 am
09:09 pm
Rise 04:48am Set 09:09pm Noon 12:58pm 41.53° 20.76° 0 -20.76° -41.53°

** Above graph shows the current sun position for today.

Solar twilight for a day


12:00am-00:00 am
Astronomical Twilight

Nautical Twilight

Civil Twilight


16:21 long
Solar Noon


Sun position on 15th July, 2020

  • It achive maximum altitude of 59° at noon.
  • X-Axis: Horizontal axis indicates time passing from 00:00 hours to 24:00 hours.
  • Y-Axis: Vertical axis indicates altitude -90 degree to +90 degree.
  • The graph show sun altitude with time during a day. Horizontal line is the line showing horizan. Sun rise, Solar Noon and Sun set are shown as vertical line crossing the line of horizan.
  • Between -6° to sunrise it is Civil twilight
  • Between -12° to -6° it is Nautical twilight
  • Between -18° to -12° it is Astro twilight

Next seven day solar calendar

Date, July 2020RiseSetNoonDurationStartEndStartEndStartEnd
104:34 am09:20 pm12:57 pm16:4512:00 am02:24 am02:24 am03:45 am03:45 am04:34 am
11:29 pm12:00 am10:09 pm11:29 pm09:20 pm10:09 pm
204:35 am09:19 pm12:57 pm16:4412:00 am02:25 am02:25 am03:46 am03:46 am04:35 am
11:28 pm12:00 am10:08 pm11:28 pm09:19 pm10:08 pm
304:36 am09:19 pm12:57 pm16:4312:00 am02:27 am02:27 am03:47 am03:47 am04:36 am
11:27 pm12:00 am10:08 pm11:27 pm09:19 pm10:08 pm
404:37 am09:18 pm12:57 pm16:4212:00 am02:29 am02:29 am03:48 am03:48 am04:37 am
11:25 pm12:00 am10:07 pm11:25 pm09:18 pm10:07 pm
504:37 am09:18 pm12:58 pm16:4012:00 am02:30 am02:30 am03:49 am03:49 am04:37 am
11:24 pm12:00 am10:06 pm11:24 pm09:18 pm10:06 pm
604:38 am09:17 pm12:58 pm16:3912:00 am02:32 am02:32 am03:50 am03:50 am04:38 am
11:22 pm12:00 am10:05 pm11:22 pm09:17 pm10:05 pm
704:39 am09:16 pm12:58 pm16:3712:00 am02:34 am02:34 am03:51 am03:51 am04:39 am
11:21 pm12:00 am10:04 pm11:21 pm09:16 pm10:04 pm
804:40 am09:16 pm12:58 pm16:3512:00 am02:36 am02:36 am03:52 am03:52 am04:40 am
11:19 pm12:00 am10:03 pm11:19 pm09:16 pm10:03 pm
904:41 am09:15 pm12:58 pm16:3312:00 am02:38 am02:38 am03:54 am03:54 am04:41 am
11:17 pm12:00 am10:02 pm11:17 pm09:15 pm10:02 pm
1004:43 am09:14 pm12:58 pm16:3112:00 am02:40 am02:40 am03:55 am03:55 am04:43 am
11:15 pm12:00 am10:01 pm11:15 pm09:14 pm10:01 pm
1104:44 am09:13 pm12:58 pm16:2912:00 am02:43 am02:43 am03:56 am03:56 am04:44 am
11:13 pm12:00 am10:00 pm11:13 pm09:13 pm10:00 pm
1204:45 am09:12 pm12:58 pm16:2712:00 am02:45 am02:45 am03:58 am03:58 am04:45 am
11:11 pm12:00 am09:59 pm11:11 pm09:12 pm09:59 pm
1304:46 am09:11 pm12:59 pm16:2512:00 am02:47 am02:47 am03:59 am03:59 am04:46 am
11:09 pm12:00 am09:58 pm11:09 pm09:11 pm09:58 pm
1404:47 am09:10 pm12:59 pm16:2312:00 am02:49 am02:49 am04:00 am04:00 am04:47 am
11:07 pm12:00 am09:57 pm11:07 pm09:10 pm09:57 pm
1504:48 am09:09 pm12:59 pm16:2112:00 am02:52 am02:52 am04:02 am04:02 am04:48 am
11:05 pm12:00 am09:55 pm11:05 pm09:09 pm09:55 pm
1604:50 am09:08 pm12:59 pm16:1812:00 am02:54 am02:54 am04:03 am04:03 am04:50 am
11:02 pm12:00 am09:54 pm11:02 pm09:08 pm09:54 pm
1704:51 am09:07 pm12:59 pm16:1612:00 am02:57 am02:57 am04:05 am04:05 am04:51 am
11:00 pm12:00 am09:53 pm11:00 pm09:07 pm09:53 pm
1804:52 am09:06 pm12:59 pm16:1312:00 am02:59 am02:59 am04:06 am04:06 am04:52 am
10:58 pm12:00 am09:51 pm10:58 pm09:06 pm09:51 pm
1904:54 am09:04 pm12:59 pm16:1112:00 am03:01 am03:01 am04:08 am04:08 am04:54 am
10:56 pm12:00 am09:50 pm10:56 pm09:04 pm09:50 pm
2004:55 am09:03 pm12:59 pm16:0812:00 am03:04 am03:04 am04:10 am04:10 am04:55 am
10:53 pm12:00 am09:48 pm10:53 pm09:03 pm09:48 pm
2104:57 am09:02 pm12:59 pm16:0512:00 am03:06 am03:06 am04:11 am04:11 am04:57 am
10:51 pm12:00 am09:47 pm10:51 pm09:02 pm09:47 pm
2204:58 am09:00 pm12:59 pm16:0212:00 am03:09 am03:09 am04:13 am04:13 am04:58 am
10:48 pm12:00 am09:45 pm10:48 pm09:00 pm09:45 pm
2304:59 am08:59 pm12:59 pm15:5912:00 am03:11 am03:11 am04:15 am04:15 am04:59 am
10:46 pm12:00 am09:43 pm10:46 pm08:59 pm09:43 pm
2405:01 am08:57 pm12:59 pm15:5612:00 am03:14 am03:14 am04:16 am04:16 am05:01 am
10:43 pm12:00 am09:42 pm10:43 pm08:57 pm09:42 pm
2505:02 am08:56 pm12:59 pm15:5312:00 am03:16 am03:16 am04:18 am04:18 am05:02 am
10:41 pm12:00 am09:40 pm10:41 pm08:56 pm09:40 pm
2605:04 am08:54 pm12:59 pm15:5001:13 am03:19 am03:19 am04:20 am04:20 am05:04 am
10:38 pm12:47 am09:38 pm10:38 pm08:54 pm09:38 pm
2705:05 am08:53 pm12:59 pm15:4701:29 am03:21 am03:21 am04:22 am04:22 am05:05 am
10:36 pm12:31 am09:36 pm10:36 pm08:53 pm09:36 pm
2805:07 am08:51 pm12:59 pm15:4401:39 am03:24 am03:24 am04:23 am04:23 am05:07 am
10:33 pm12:21 am09:34 pm10:33 pm08:51 pm09:34 pm
2905:09 am08:50 pm12:59 pm15:4101:47 am03:26 am03:26 am04:25 am04:25 am05:09 am
10:31 pm12:12 am09:33 pm10:31 pm08:50 pm09:33 pm
3005:10 am08:48 pm12:59 pm15:3801:54 am03:29 am03:29 am04:27 am04:27 am05:10 am
10:28 pm12:05 am09:31 pm10:28 pm08:48 pm09:31 pm
3105:12 am08:46 pm12:59 pm15:3402:01 am03:31 am03:31 am04:29 am04:29 am05:12 am
10:26 pm11:53 pm09:29 pm10:26 pm08:46 pm09:29 pm